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Now sold / BMW R27 & Steib LS200 

I imported this BMW R27 from the Netherlands in 2015, it’s probably covered about 3,000 to 4,000miles since then, the first speedo being inoperative, so this is an estimate. 

The bike was manufactured in 1965, released from the BMW factory to the German police Department, hence the public service gearing ratio. Three years later it was registered privately in the Netherlands. At one point it was insured in Turkey. This was during the late 1990s after which it then came back to Holland. I have the BMW factory letter, the NL document, UK V5 registration, import docs, receipts for all parts.


The engine and frame numbers are matching.


The bike has been comprehensively rebuilt over the last 10 years or so. The work includes many new parts and restorative work;

paint was new 10 years ago and is still looking smart. The following, and probably more, have been replaced / renewed ‘new’ over the last 10 years; wheels rebuilt using Wyman rims, brake shoes, wheel bearings, all shock absorbers have been rebuilt including new dampers etc, steering head bearings, speedo, electrical distribution key board in head lamp, main wiring harness, cables, horn, seat, seat spring, rear rack, stainless spindles, stainless rear brake linkage, crankshaft, piston, cylinder head refurbished including unleaded seats and valves, all engine bearings renewed, timing chain, tensioner, Powerdynamo ignition and generator, there is a very small battery fitted above the battery box that now houses the Powerdynamo gear, you could take this battery off the bike, as the electrical system runs without a battery but you do get lights dimming without a battery at low revs.


Steib 200LS  sidecar comes with the bike, this is in great condition mechanically and structurally, with no filler or rot, but unfortunately the paint is not up to the standard of the bike. Worth mentioning, the seat and the sidecar side-cards with pockets, are luxuriously upholstered in thick red real leather! The Steib comes with the purpose made fittings for the R27, these are very strong and well made and designed. The fitting ball joints can be left on the bike when the bike is used solo. The Steib ‘simply’ attaches using the ball and clamp fittings. The gearing of the rear bevel box is the ‘public service’ solo ratio of 27/6, this outfit also comes with the correct rear drive for sidecar work 26/5. These sidecar rear gear boxes are quite rare, this outfit has a rebuilt unit as well as the solo gearing unit.


I’ve mounted the side car for the pictures, if you wanted to use this outfit on the road you’d need to wire up the Cobra lights, the wiring is in place on the sidecar, you’d probably also want to put the sidecar gearing rear drive on too, but the solo ratio will pull the outfit ok, the gearing specified for police use was lower than standard. The front swing arm should also be moved into the sidecar outfit position, I’ve left it in the solo position for now.


Appreciating asset ready to ride


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