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Eriba Triton 430GT / 2007 / Sold

Eriba Triton 430GT / 2007 / 


Private sale / commission sale*


Full Soplair awning


Eriba Triton 430GT with uprated chassis to 1200kg gross weight


The following is a 'warts an all' condition description. Something you don't get from many sellers, private or trade


Generally; very nice condition all round, not mint but tidy and presentable at an excellent price. 


Panels and paint are excellent with the exception of a light pressure mark to the door as shown (see pic). This mark has not broken the paint surface.


Upholstery is excellent being clean and tidy, as is the woodwork, and the wall boarding. 


The poptop is in good condition with very minor staining that should clean.


The headlining is excellent.


The floor is carpeted, the lino under the carpet is excellent.


The fridge is slightly stained.


Stainless hob and sink are very good.


Truma 3002 gas heater


Thetford toilet


UK sockets


Approx dims:


Shipping Length Eriba Triton 430 GT : 511cm


Body Length Eriba Triton 430 GT : 414cm


External width Eriba Triton 430 GT : 200cm


External Height (roof lowered) Eriba Triton 430 GT : 220cm


Maximum headroom (roof raised) Eriba Triton 430 GT : 187cm


Internal width Eriba Triton 430 GT : 190cm


Bed size Eriba Triton 430 GT : double188cm x 140cm / single 188cm x 70cm


Max laden weight Eriba Triton 430 GT : 1200KG


Unladen weight : Eriba Triton 430 GT : 825KG


*Private sale / commission sale


It is to be sold as private / commission sale. There is no warranty or guarantee of any sort given. All future work carried out should be checked / carried out by a competent person familiar in these matters. 


 Professional inspection and condition report is welcomed and encouraged



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