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Eriba Pan / 1965 / Sold

Eriba Pan 1965 in very good condition


*the caravan will be sold as a 'trade caravan' in need of inspecting checking servicing by a person competent in these matters to make sure it is safe to use, no warrantee is implied or given*



The Eriba Pan sits well, tows well, brakes well. 

The chassis looks to be good and strong with very little rust rust, with the exception of some of the peripheral tubing that is rusted through. 

The door threshold is original and sound. 

The ply floor has been strengthened by a very well fitted topper of ply and lino. 

Woodwork is in good order. 

Headlining is all good but does have some staining that should clean. 

Poptop is original! and still intact with only one zipper not working. 

Wall lining is a bit wavy as usual but not bad by any means. 

Upholstery has been re-done at some time not too long ago, its still in very good shape. 

Windows open as they should, all fitting work, glass is excellent. At some point the window rubbers could do with replacing, likewise the external horizontal aluminium sealing strips could do with re-bedding on fresh mastic

Body work is original as in the pictures, with very few dents. 

Internal electrics have been updated at some point; battery circuit, inverter, mains socket.

Sink and hob work, new pump fitted.

Fridge works on mains electricity and is making ice. The fridge will need refitting securely. It is a 3 way fridge and may work on 12v and gas but I have only tried it on mains. Originally this Pan was not fitted with a fridge, this ones fridge seems to date from the early 1970s.


In short, this is one for the connoisseur that can be used more or less as it is.


I'll put a video on to YouTube soon.

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