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Eriba Triton QB / 1994 / Sold

Eriba Triton QB / 1994 / For sale / £2495


(more pictures of the exterior of the caravan and the underside once there is some daylight!)


A good opportunity to purchase a Triton needing work. An ideal winter project at the right price.


The rear of the Triton has had water ingress. Wall boards will need replacing, window rubbers will need replacing, upper skin of floor sandwhich will need replacing. 


The front of the caravan is without damp the rear has the above mentioned issues.


The upholstery and furniture are in excellent condition. The poptop is excellent. The windows are in very good condition but will need the window rubbers replacing. The exterior panels have some light dinks /  dents but nothing serious. The chassis of the caravan is in good condition, there are a few areas on the peripheral box section making up the right angle of the floor and the wall which that are just starting to rust. Again nothing serious.



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