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Eriba Puck 1986 Sold

Eriba Puck / 1986 Project sold as 'trade caravan'


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It is to be sold as a 'trade caravan' for spares or repair. There is no warranty or guarantee of any sort given. All future work carried out should be checked / carried out by a competent person familiar in these matters. 



Overall the PUCK is 'dry'.

Aluminium bodywork is neatly painted, it is marked and dinked only lightly.

The front window is OK 

The opening rear window is good.

The fixed side windows are good.

The pop top is in good condition, the zips work!

They headlining is in average to good condition.

The GRP roof is in average to good condition.

The gas locker box is average.


Internally; the galley is average condition. The gas hob will need servicing.

The wardrobe lower door is an addition.

The upholstery is in excellent condition, recently professionally done at many ££££'s

The wall boards are in reasonable condition, some of the plastic coating has started to come away in a few places.

The lino floor covering is redone



The Puck tows well (see bill)

The sub-chassis frame is generally OK, there are a couple of areas by the entrance door threshold and the corresponding opposite side where rust perforations have occurred. There is an additional reenforcing subframe welded in.

The wooden floor is OK condition.


Lots of money spent, not perfect, but really nice and super retro.


Total length 408cm

External width 165cm

internal width 155cm

Height external 200cm

Standing 185cm

Unladen weight 410kg

Laden weight 550kg


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