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SOLD / Eriba Triton M / converted to 420 / 1989 

Eriba Triton T / 1989


Eriba Triton with a toilet room*, folding sink, hotwater (gas or electric), reworked electrics using a Zig Unit, door blind, rear blind, curtains renewed, upholstery recovered.


The Eriba Triton is usable 'as is', but would benefit from a bit of work by a capable person. 


The poptop roof is distorted as shown in the photographs. This distortion has, I think, been caused by some type of delamination of the GRP of the rising roof. The result is that the front of the rising / lifting poptop stands proud of the main roof, leaving a gap at the front. The poptop still fastens down on its toggle catches, and this is how it has been used for several years. It could continue to be used like this! However, I think that it would not be too difficult to straiten out the roof and to bring back the front 'nib' to its original position. 


Overall the Triton is in good condition. Externally, the panel work is very straight, with just a few, very minor blemishes. The windows are all good (including the front one, has no water or misting). The underside is good, there is some surface rust but no perforations. The GRP roof is very good, the poptop has the above mentioned issue. The canvas material of the poptop is a bit dirty but cleanable. 


Internally, the Triton has been updated by a previous owner, fortunately, this owner knew how to use tools and the updated changes have been carried out in a good and thoughtful way.There are a few peaces of furniture woodwork that could do with a little work, but nothing too arduous, more just tidying up, here and there. The wall boards have been painted with a good quality paint. The paint has, in the main, been applied neatly, the exception being under the beds, where the paint is a little messy here and there. 


There is no damp in the Eriba, I've been round it with a damp meter, and all was well. The water heater works, I've had it working on gas and mains electric. Likewise the fridge, is working on electricity and gas. The heater, I have not yet got working, it does not have an ignition present, but if I can find one that fits, I'll report back before the end of the sale.


Tyres are good, and the Triton tows and brakes very well, without issue during the time I towed it back to my workshop, a trip of 50 miles or so.


*Originally this Triton would have had a vanity sink and a space for a portapotti, this area has been altered to house a more modern toilet and sink, the sink needs a knew tap, it works by tipping-up to store, or, get rid of the water in the sink.



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