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Eriba Triton 420GT / 2002 / Sold

Eriba Triton 420GT / 2002 /

including Unico awning 


This is a commission sale on behalf of the present owners. As such no warranty or guarantee of any sort is offered or given. Before use the caravan should be inspected and serviced by a competent person familiar in such work. 

Inspection / survey is welcomed before purchase.


For sale at a great price a Triton 420GT in very good condition.


The Triton 420 has a front galley kitchen, having a three burner hob and sink, below the hob is a cutlery draw and storage cupboards. To the right of the entrance door is a 70 L fridge.


To the left side of the galley is the washroom; with vanity unit, drip tray floor, cassette toilet, storage cupboard.


Looking to the back of the Eriba, following on from the washroom, is a hanging wardrobe with gas heater below.


At the rear is a dinette capable of sitting up to six people.


The rear dinette turns into a very large double bed which is easily capable of sleeping three people transversely. There is also the option of sleeping longitudinally, or as singles in two separate berths. There is storage below the seating areas, as well as storage at eyelevel that runs around most of the inside of the Eriba.


Condition all over is; 'good used' showing signs of careful use. 

There are no significant marks, The paintwork is a little dull and would take a good polish. The lacquer on the plastic mudguards and lighting surrounds has started to bubble (this is a very common on this model run). Chassis appears good. 


The Triton is very presentable as it is, some light detailing will enhance its appearance even further.


Please give me a call with any questions you might have about the sale.


Trumatic S3002


External mains hookup


Unico awning


UK sockets x 4


Approximate dimensions;


Shipping Length Eriba Triton : 518cm/17'0"


Body Length Eriba Triton : 421cm/13'10"


External width Eriba Triton : 200cm/6'7"


External Height (roof lowered) Eriba Triton : 220cm/7'3"


Maximum headroom (roof raised) Eriba Triton : 187cm/6'2"


Max laden weight : 1000kg


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