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Eriba Puck L / 1995 / Sold

Eriba Puck L / 1995 with full awning

 UK spec (Lechlade)

 Caravan is sold as a 'trade caravan' for repair; no warranty is implied or given. Before use the caravan should be serviced by a competent person familiar in such work.

 A good Eriba Puck L; needs a little bit of work to at some point in the future to make sure that it lasts another 24 years. 

Inside it’s very dry without any water ingress damage to the interior panelling. The furniture and the upholstery are good, with the exception of a rip / worn area to one of the bench seats (probably a material fault or aggressive substance spill). The outside panelwork is in great condition with barley a blemish. The pop-top is also good. The main chassis is good, the outer peripheral frame needs a repair under the door threshold, this is very common on this model. There is no rush for this repair, as there is plenty of support in that area. The front window rubber has been replaced from the old grey one to a black rubber one. The non opening side window still has the original grey rubber, this is still sound. The opening windows have the grey type with a black rubber bulb, these are fine (vans with the all grey opening windows were the ones that gave problems with the grey bulb of the rubber adhering to the acrylic of the window, often causing serious issues as people tried to force the windows open). All in all, this is a tidy van, that with minimal work will be excellent.

Length 445cm

Width 180cm

Height 202cm

Weight unladen 590kg

Weight laden 750kg

Bed size 190cm x 170cm

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