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Eriba Pan / 1987 / sun shade / Sold

Eriba Pan 1987 Classic in remarkable condition. Please don't mistake this for your average Eriba of this age, It's a beauty.

To put this in to context: this 1987 Pan is as good as many Eribas less than 10 years old.


Often when an Eriba gets to this age it is showing signs of significant ageing and deterioration. The metal chassis supporting the floor, that is part of the integral frame making up the classic shape of the caravan, is particularly susceptible to deterioration if not maintained and stored correctly. On this Eriba Pan the frame is perfect. It has not needed to be touched since new. The Pan is in such condition that it will last last for decades to come.


It can be argued that in the 1980s Eriba production standards were at their hight, with many of the materials used in construction being of superior quality to those later used. Examples of this; piano hinges, metal bodied catches, plywood, veneer, quality wallboards, thicker foam upholstery, buttoning and piping to seating. Of course the difficulty these days is finding one of these superior Eriba in excellent condition. 


If you are after one of these classic Pans, this lovely Eriba is the one.


Eriba Pan 1987
length 455 including draw bar and hitch
external width 200
internal width 184

bed double 188x197

internal height 190
external height 214
net / empty weight 550kg
gross / max weight 750kg
pay load 200kg



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