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Eriba Puck / 1994 / Sold

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A lovely little Puck from 1994. They really are getting hard to find in original and very good condition. Often they are messed with: painted, dents, rust, damp, 'personalisation'. All of the aforementioned devalue them. In my opinion the worst offender is possibly serious rust, which is quite common and always worth looking out for, particularly the subframe that supports the floor under the door entrance threshold. Other rusty areas to look out for are the corner-steady top mounts where these attached to the subframe, and the outer peripheral subframe supporting the floor right round the Eriba. If you don't know or feel confident about looking at these areas I'd think about taking someone with you who is. I'm glad to say this Puck has none of the aforementioned issues. The only negative is a small dink to the mid rail rubbing strake at the rear nearside, you can just make it out in the picture.


The Puck comes serviced including new tyres. A few extras are included; toilet, hook-up cable, spare wheel, gas bottle.



The paint is all original and in very good condition, GRP roof excellent, windows and fittings are very good, all window seals have recently been replaced, upholstery is sprung and in very good condition, furniture is very good, wall boards are very good to excellent, floor covering is very good, pop-top is very good, the Smev 2 burner hob is excellent, the 3 way fridge is excellent.


The Puck is ready for camping.


Approximate dimensions: 

total length : 408cm

body length excluding draw bar : 298cm
total width : 165cm
total height : 200cm

internal width : 183cm
gross weight : 600kg
unladen weight : 450kg
bed size : 187 x 155



You may find cheaper but not better....

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